2016 Elections - Archive

In September, we sent out 27 candidate questionnaires to help you identify candidates for local offices who love Fayetteville and are committed to it’s progress. We’ve also been watching candidates in the news, on social media, and at the Chamber of Commerce forums. You’ll notice a lot of incumbents on our endorsement list over the next two weeks. All the data shows that Fayetteville is on the right track, with strong growth and continual recognition as one of the greatest places to live, retire, or start a business in the entire country, and we believe the leaders who have gotten us there should continue their good work.

Almost every municipal race has a candidate running on a platform of direct opposition to the nondiscrimination ordinance or a desire to make their personal religious practices city policy. They are well organized and we need your help to ensure Fayetteville has leadership committed to moving forward in becoming the best city it can be for all of its citizens
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Here are our picks for: