Ward 3 Runoff

This is an archived endorsement from the 2016 elections.

Ward 3 voters have a choice between two candidates with strikingly similar experience and records on development issues, which makes the race even more about civility in conduct and commitment to the community.  In those categories, the candidates couldn’t be more different.  Sarah Bunch won our endorsement hands down.

Both candidates have been on the Fayetteville planning commission for years, and both have served as its chairperson.  It’s worth noting that Sarah Bunch was elevated to chairperson when the rest of the planning commission chose to replace her opponent who sought to continue in the role.  We think this is a testament to how both candidates conduct themselves in their official capacity.

Hoskins’ temperament on the planning commission has ruffled feathers from time to time, but that’s easy to do when you’re deciding contested issues.  During this campaign, he has used social media to be hostile and aggressive towards those who disagree with him.

Despite telling us “I will be available, approachable, engaged, responsive, and respectful,” he has routinely background checked commenters to his Facebook page and blocked residents from commenting if they asked uncomfortable questions about his politics.  If you value open and civil exchanges among aldermen working together to negotiate the best solutions for Fayetteville, vote for Sarah Bunch now.

Sarah Bunch is a realtor with keen insights into what residents want in their community.  Her opponent is a developer who adopted the Terminella-Phaneuf vision of a decaying Fayetteville during the general election.  Voters rejected that vision then and should do so again today by electing Sarah Bunch to City Council in Ward 3.

Sarah Bunch supports the Fayetteville goals we know and love, but if you got Hoskins' campaign mail you might have wondered if he was even running in our town at all.

Based on his opposition to Fayetteville’s nondiscrimination ordinances, the residents of North Carolina may well prefer Tracy Hoskins. He'd fit right in with that state's job-killing discriminatory law known as HB2. But we're sure that Fayetteville, Arkansas will be better off voting for Sarah Bunch.