This is an archived endorsement from the 2016 elections.

RE-ELECT Mayor Lioneld Jordan

While it’s possible to disagree with him on policy (we don’t), you can’t question Mayor Jordan’s love for Fayetteville.  He eats and breathes this town and everything he does is in passionate pursuit of Fayetteville’s success and quality of life.  And he operates the city with a transparency that welcomes citizens to participate and every step of the process.

Jordan’s opponents, Tom Terminella and Ron Baucom, did not respond to our questionnaire. Baucom hasn’t made much of a showing this election, but Terminella’s comments to the Fayetteville Flyer, and his history, show a disconnect from the reality of Fayetteville’s recent successes.  

Lioneld Jordan and his staff have worked hard to establish research-based long-range plans for transportation, waste management, and economic development.  His administration has invested heavily in our brick-and-mortar infrastructure with the Van Asche, Rupple Road, and Crossover expansions, the fly-over by the mall, the Fayetteville Public Library, the new regional park at Mt. Kessler, and many miles of new trails.  Mayor Jordan’s record over the past 8 years has more than earned him a chance to continue his good work; in fact, Fayetteville deserves nothing less than Mayor Lioneld Jordan.

Don’t let the signs all over town distract you from the stark contrast in the vision the candidates hold for Fayetteville:

  • Mayor Jordan was the Alderman for Ward 4 before twice being elected as Mayor.  Mr. Terminella has no political experience.

  • Mayor Jordan's policies have Fayetteville is on track this year to issue a record number of building permits.  Mr. Terminella thinks we are “behind the curve” in growth and development.

  • Mayor Jordan's leadership has created a strong retail climate.  Mr. Terminella talks about businesses having to close shop, but new local businesses open every month and sales taxes have consistently surpassed projections.

  • Mayor Jordan manages the city’s $147 million budget and successfully guided Fayetteville through the recession of 2008, cleaned up the 2009 ice storm, and completed numerous on- or under-budget infrastructure improvements.  Mr. Terminella is Fayetteville’s largest landowner (as you can tell from the signs), but his real estate dealings have included failed projects, an $8 million default, and subsequent legal acrobatics to avoid paying his debts.

  • Mayor Jordan has been a persistent champion for diversity and equality in our community.  Mr. Terminella spent $5300 to oppose the fair treatment of Fayetteville residents and workers during the two non-discrimination ordinance elections.

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