Fayetteville Ward Boundaries

Fayetteville City Council
Members are elected by Ward

Voters must live 
within the boundaries 
as shown on the map.
(Click for enlarged view.  Credit: Fayetteville Flyer)

ELECT Olivia Trimble for Ward 1 City Council

As a long-time resident, activist, and Women’s Rights March organizer, Olivia is easily identifiable with the spirit of Ward 1. Her involvement in the Fayetteville Housing Authority crisis kicked off a deep-dive into the biggest challenges facing our city in the next decade: Housing, Poverty, Equity -- and for Ward 1, she is deeply invested in efforts to revitalize the long neglected areas of south Fayetteville without displacing residents who have their roots there. Three great candidates, but Olivia won’t just show up to speak -- she’ll listen.

Read more about Olivia's platform and goals in her own words at https://www.voteoliviatrimble.com/.  


REELECT Ward 2 Council Member Mark Kinion

Mark is a long-time Fayetteville resident, activist, and leader. In his previous 2 terms on City Council, mark has demonstrated level-headed leadership, and Co-Sponsored our Civil Rights Ordinance. Mark knows the right balance between necessary development and established neighborhood identity. There’s only one reasonable choice here and it’s Mark Kinion.
Read more about Council Member Kinion's detailed list of accomplishments and goals in his own words at http://www.votemarkkinion.com/.

ELECT Sloan Scroggin for Ward 3 City Council

Sloan has a track record on the planning commission addressing the very housing needs that dominate City Council agendas. He has proven a wider view of the needs of the entire city, and a deeper understanding of policy than his opponent. He is well-versed in housing economics and a good choice to lead the council through a population boom.

Read more about Commissioner Scroggin's detailed list of accomplishments and goals in his own words at https://www.sloanscroggin.com/.

ELECT Teresa Turk for Ward 4 City Council

John La Tour is unfit for public office in Fayetteville. We've been on the record since Day 1 opposing his treatment of local businesses, women, and entire segments of our community. We even circulated a recall petition after the famed Arsaga's incident! In four years, however, his vote has never been decisive and his motions seldom find a second.

This year he faces two challengers: perennial candidate and world's fastest busboy, Adam Firecat; and marine biologist Teresa Turk. For an organization with it's roots in LGBTQ equality, Teresa seems the obvious choice. In a healthy city, policy is queen and Teresa checks most - but not all - of the boxes. She's an advocate for equal rights, and we could certainly use a better gender balance in our city leadership. Teresa has been a leader in the effort to protect our local heritage through historic preservation policies, and her work with Save the Buffalo River is a testament to her environmental credentials.

We have serious reservations about Teresa's approach to managing the crushing cost of housing facing every-day Fayettevillians. Her advocacy has been on primarily behalf of homeowners who oppose new housing that will impact their enjoyment of surrounding private property. We look forward to more conversations with Turk about how we address our growing population and we encourage her constituents to engage with her on a regular basis about the struggles they have finding and keeping housing in Ward 4, as well as the city as a whole.