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Washington County Races

ELECT Jim House for County Judge

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses, closeup and outdoorDemocrat Jim House, a former State legislator and Health Department Administrator has the rare quality of sharing values with Fayetteville, while still having a strong connection to the more rural parts of Washington County. Jim’s a home-run as County Judge, and we hope you’ll agree.

The County Judge is the Chief Executive policy maker and must be someone we can trust. If you aren’t familiar with the Ecclesia College scandal that has engulfed the local Republican party, please take a moment.  In the 2016 race for County Judge, former Ecclesia board member Joseph Wood replaced Republican nominee Micah Neal when he abruptly withdrew from the race.  Neal later plead guilty to federal bribery charges over state funds he directed to the school.  Wood’s first actions as judge were to fire employees without cause, and violate county policy by hiring Ecclesia cronies without posting the position. It’s not gotten any better from there. Despite running on fiscally conservative credentials, Wood has presided over dwindling reserves and a budget shortfall in the county.

If trust and accountability are important in your county government, RUN to the polls and elect Jim House as the next Washington County Judge.  Early Voting begins Monday October 22nd.


County Constitutional Offices

The County political system is uniquely flawed in that customer-service positions are unnecessarily made partisan at election time. Many of the incumbents have strong records of performance, and friendly customer service in their offices. Most of the challengers are running on records of not being Republicans. That's not a small thing with the non-stop news of corruption between that party and local Ecclesia College (see County Judge above). It is certainly fair to ask why these public servants haven't distanced themselves from the messes that have cost Arkansas taxpayers.

Each voter will ultimately have to decide for themselves how to weigh performance vs. party in these positions where party shouldn't be an issue, but is.

Below is a list of each office and who is running.

County Assessor

*Russell HIll - Republican Incumbent (Winner for best Mascot) 
William Chesser - Democrat Challenger (Winner for best Jingle)

County Clerk

Becky Lewallen - Republican Incumbent
Emily Sledge - Democratic Challenger

Circuit Court Clerk

Kyle Sylvester - Republican Incumbent
Adrienne Kvello - Democratic Challenger 

County Treasurer

Bobby Hill - Republican Incumbent
Zane Chenault - Democratic Challenger

*Russell Hill was our endorsement for Assessor in 2016.

Early Voting begins Monday October 22nd. We look forward to a hearty community conversation in the final days of the 2018 campaign season.

Washington County Quorum Court

To be announced...