For Fayetteville works to advance our city’s unique quality of life by promoting diversity and inclusion, quality education, planned development and growth, and protection of our natural environment.

For Fayetteville was formed in 2015 as the campaign to pass the Uniform Civil Rights Protection Ordinance. We have always been motivated by a desire to make Fayetteville the best city it can be for all of its citizens. 

Since passing the non-discrimination ordinance, For Fayetteville has continued our efforts to promote citizen involvement in the political process and the stakes are higher than ever for Fayetteville this November!
For Fayetteville represents an expanding group of Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas residents with an interest in the city and region and a passion for making it a better place for all of us to live. We seek to identify, support, and promote progressive candidates and ballot initiatives but we respect those with different political views.